Accede’s MANUFACTURING DAY 2022 Highlights

Accede Mold & Tool hosted their 4th annual Manufacturing Day on October 6 and 7, 2022. Continuing with past successes, we showcased our state-of-the-art moldmaking to students and educators. Our “Walk the Process” of plastic injection moldmaking included visits throughout each ACCEDE department with hands-on activities. Students and educators gained insight and knowledge while presenters shared their pride and excitement for their careers in the moldmaking industry. Brett Lindenmuth, VP of Operations and MFG Day Tour Guide & presenter, says, “This day provides exposure for the students to manufacturing, specifically moldmaking, where it can be limited throughout their school years. We look forward to showing them the opportunities they may not be aware of.” Since our first event, ACCEDE has introduced nearly 200 students and educators to the moldmaking industry.

ACCEDE’s “Walk the Process” began in the Engineering Department – where ACCEDE projects are launched by Program Engineers. The tour continued through all other internal departments involved in the manufacturing of our molds: CNC Mill and Lathe, Conventional EDM, Wire EDM, Grinding & Polishing, Inspection & Quality, and Sampling. Presenters explained each manufacturing process’ importance with interactive demonstrations intended to reinforce the value each process plays. For example, in our Inspection & Quality Department, attendees were able to learn and practice inspecting a through-diameter on small plastic components (mold samples). The final stop was the Apprenticeship Room. In-depth discussions about career opportunities within the plastic injection moldmaking industry took place, and we made the correlation to the “Walk the Process” just completed.

In addition to the students who attended Manufacturing Day, we were fortunate to have technology educators from a local school district join us. This was the first time these teachers had participated in Manufacturing Day. Opening our doors to them was a significant step forward in inspiring the next generation. They will be able to pass along their findings and explain the diverse career opportunities within moldmaking to their students. Sandy Hoodak, Work-Based Learning Coordinator, had this to say after, “Thank you and your team so much for the great learning experience!”

This year was an extra special year for ACCEDE as we saw a substantial increase in the number of female students attending Manufacturing Day. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of 2021, women account for only 30% of manufacturing positions. Coreena Bailey, Wire EDM Operator, and Presenter, was thrilled to see the increase in female students. She has worked in the manufacturing industry for an impressive 33 years. Inspired by her father and uncle, both moldmakers, Coreena is happy with her chosen path. She enjoys the challenge and independence of programming and setup but states she gets the most satisfaction from working hard and making a tool that fits a mold perfectly. Coreena hopes that young ladies give manufacturing positions a chance so they can experience the same success.

Manufacturing Day 2022 afforded Accede Mold & Tool the chance to promote and highlight the benefits of advanced manufacturing to students and educators. Knowing the importance of this event, owner and President Roger Fox guided a group through our facility. Closing the day out, he commented, “I believe Manufacturing Day opens the minds of students on how the plastic products they see and use daily are made – providing them insight into the great skill, craftsmanship, and knowledge required to work in this industry.”

To enjoy our video from Manufacturing Day, please visit HERE.