"Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people." - Steve Jobs


Accede’s Engineering team will evaluate your plastic part design and work with you to ensure the part geometry and tolerances are optimized for the injection molding process. Accede will consider the part’s requirements and offer multi-part integration reviews through web conferencing or visits.

Accede has close technical partnerships with the plastic industry leaders for mold flow simulation and polymer compounding. When possible, Accede will make recommendations for part modifications that will yield cost savings in mold manufacture and mold maintenance.


Upon order placement at Accede, every project is assigned a Program Engineer. The Program Engineer is the customer’s primary contact throughout the design, mold build, and qualification processes.
We pride ourselves on clear and concise communication, defined leadership, and cohesive team management.
While your project is at Accede, you will receive weekly progress reports.
Each mold we ship includes a Mold Manual, including the 2D and 3D design, bill of materials, hot manifold system documents (when applicable), operational direction, interface guidance, quality milestones, inspection data, and qualification documents.
After shipment, Accede is available to help with mold installation, maintenance, and spare programs throughout the life of your project. Accede offers global support.
By incorporating our varied and vast skill set, you can rest assured that Accede is committed to your project’s success. Please contact us to discuss your project!


Accede prides itself on going above and beyond traditional mold design to provide forward-thinking, value-added solutions for our customer’s most demanding challenges.

Our Engineering group is comprised of an Engineering Manager, Program Engineers, and Design Engineers. Our Manufacturing Engineering team includes a Manufacturing Process Engineer, Manufacturing Process Technicians, and Programmers. Our engineers hold degrees from some of the most rigorous mechanical engineering and plastics engineering colleges, including, among others, Rochester Institute of Technology and Rensselaer Polytechnic.

Siemens NX software with Moldex3D mold filling simulation and MasterCam is used in-house. We always supply a complete mold design (including a bill of materials) with both 2D drawings and 3D models to our customers. Drawings are shared as pdfs while solids are in prt, step, iges, or parasolid file formats.

A robust quality management system Design Control Process is the cornerstone of each Accede design and includes periodic design reviews with the customer facilitated through web conferencing or visits.

Close technical partnerships are in place with the plastic industry leaders for hot runner systems, in-mold press controls, Gram SpinStack® licensing, injection molding machines, and automation houses.

As part of Accede’s comprehensive Organization and Employee Development strategy, Accede engineers are active in leading global, national, and regional industry associations. Our engineers regularly participate in research and development projects, conferences, training sessions, and webinars to continue their education and keep abreast of the industry’s latest technology, including IML, conformal cooling, and additive manufacturing. Further, Accede’s engineers are required to complete Accede’s in-house Paulson Training program to develop a deeper understanding of the injection molding process “from the plastic’s point of view”.


In today’s world of mass production and maximum efficiency, Accede’s molds are meeting the demand. Through careful planning and benchmark quality management system processes, our team ensures our molds meet or exceed your highest standards for tolerance, surface finish, mechanical function, and product requirements.

Our combination of highly trained and experienced personnel, cutting-edge technology, and intense focus on quality and customer satisfaction is the Accede Advantage.

Our team is prepped and ready to take on your project by offering in-house CNC milling, CNC lathe-turning, conventional and wire EDM, precision grinding, and polishing. Further, Accede is ready to help with your mold maintenance, mold refurbishment, replacement components, and spare programs.




Our factory-trained set-up and processing technicians have the equipment and ability to qualify a wide variety of molds before shipment.

A standard Accede mold includes full mechanical qualification and first-off samples in Accede’s injection molding machines.

We are proud to offer extensive dimensional qualifications, including dimensional grooming with re-cuts, capability studies, and production part approval processes. 

Our sampling lab is equipped with a clean room, a variety of single and multi-shot injection molding machines, an auxiliary injection unit, a mold vacuum system, a mold chiller, a variety of controllers, and more.



The goal of Accede’s virtual sample is to provide our customers with a superior experience, bringing more value than traditional in-person mold qualifications. Today’s customer is spread way too thin to spend days onsite qualifying a mold that could be performed virtually, and our job is to make that experience seamless, detailed, and effective.

To learn more about the Accede Advantage and our Remote Mold Qualification Experience, contact



Accede is proud to go beyond advanced manufacturing mold solutions to offer complete turn-key project management services and floor space to our customers.Turn-key systems integration refers to the installation, set-up, and qualification of our customer’s complete plastic injection molding cell, including the injection molding machine (up to 800 tons), robotic automation, assembly equipment, and other high-tech auxiliary interfaces.

In 2015 Accede expanded by adding the “Systems Integration Center.” This standalone 14,000 square foot facility offers a flexible and private workspace complete with an office and meeting center, 480 volt / 500 amp service, a 10-ton chiller, compressed air, and more. This dedicated space ensures that the most complex programs can be fully debugged and qualified away from the stresses and distractions of the customer’s production floor. Cells ship fully ready for production.

Recently, our Center has been relocated directly adjacent to our main headquarters. This strategic move enabled us to provide even better service and support to you, our customer.


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