Accede Introduces ENGEL Duo 4550/720 to Expand Sampling Lab

Accede Mold & Tool has increased their in-house mold sampling capabilities by installing a new ENGEL Duo 4550/720 plastic injection molding machine and crane system.

The U.S. mold builder was established in 1981, however, in-house mold sampling was not implemented at Accede until the early 1990’s.  Since then Accede’s capabilities have grown to include a wide variety of injection molding machines for mold-validation ranging from an 80 ton multi-shot to a 400 ton with multi-shot capability.

“For years our customers have been challenging us to build larger higher cavitation molds for the packaging sector.  The global market continues to grow and we are committed to supporting our customers with high quality molds to meet product demands.  In-house validation of those molds is a must,” said Roger Fox, President of Accede Mold & Tool.

“ENGEL has proven itself to be among the best in plastics machinery suppliers and they were able to give us a fast delivery at a good price,” said Brett Lindenmuth, VP of Operations.

The October installation of the Engel Duo 4550/720, with its 43.3” horizontal tie bar spacing and 56.7” vertical platen size, allows for a 33% increase in the overall mold size Accede can now validate in-house.