ACCEDE Inspires and Shares Innovative Solutions:
A Highlight from the 2023 MoldMaking Conference

Accede MoldMaking Conference 2023

Accede Mold & Tool Co., Inc. was featured at the 2023 MoldMaking Conference, an event that emphasized the relentless pursuit of innovation within the moldmaking industry.

The conference, which took place in Minneapolis, Minnesota, featured a wide range of presentations and discussionsfocused on various aspects of innovation, automation, collaboration, and communication, as well as mold design, talent development, reshoring, and sustainability.

Camille Sackett, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Accede Mold & Tool Co., Inc., delivered a presentation titled “Embracing Innovation During Challenging Times: A Journey to Remote Mold Validation,” contributing valuable insights to the conference’s discussions on innovation and technology adoption. She shared, “a journey that was born out of necessity, fueled by innovation, and inspired by the resilience of our industry… how challenges can spark creativity and how, even in the face of a global crisis, we found a way not only to adapt but to thrive.” The presentation was informative, providing context and implementation details for ACCEDE’s remote validation process for mold sampling and MFAT protocols.

The conference brought together industry experts, mold builders, mold designers, process engineers, tooling managers, project managers, CEOs, and other professionals from moldmaking and injection molding sectors. This diverse mix of participants highlighted the importance of collaboration and communication throughout the moldmaking supply chain.

Attendees appreciated the event’s networking opportunities and informative sessions, with speakers sharing knowledge, best practices, and lessons learned. The conference also featured a plant tour and discussions on economic, political, and technological developments in the industry.

Accede Mold & Tool Co., Inc. acknowledges the event’s success in connecting the moldmaking supply chain and looks forward to future conferences. The moldmaking community is encouraged to participate in Amerimold on June 5-6 in Columbus, Ohio, to continue the exchange of insights and experiences within the industry.

A snapshot of some of the notable presentations at the conference included topics such as creating a highly effective and scalable moldmaking business, mold design for new product development, leveraging CAD/CAM software for streamlined manufacturing, and using automation to boost productivity. Other topics covered recent tax changes, metal 3D printing, reshoring tooling, and improving toolroom performance, among others.

The 2023 MoldMaking Conference served as a platform for industry leaders to share knowledge, foster innovation, and drive the moldmaking industry forward.

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Published 9/15/2023 by Staff