MMT Chats: Never Stop Learning Is the Motto

Christina Fuges catches up with MMT Editorial Advisory Board member Camille Sackett of Accede Mold & Tool. Sackett talks about the value of truly focusing on quality, leading customers to success, building culture, mentoring and continuous life learning … and her love of audiobooks and podcasts.

From drafting in middle school to engineering at Eastman Kodak to mold design for small family-owned mold builder Accede Mold and Tool where she has moved up into a variety of engineering, marketing, quality management and sales, Camille Sackett has her share of stories and insights.

Here are just a few tidbits from this conversation to whet your appetite for our full conversation:

• Busy mom, student, engineer, marketer, mentor and moldmaking advocate!
• Misses working in NX and being so in tune with your CAD program.
• Always loved popping in the earbuds and doing detailed drawings.
• Accede’s culture promotes the freedom to become who and what you want to be here.
• Open and shut to cube molds is still amazing.
• Leadership that embraces failure as a means to learning.
• Mentorship vs sponsorship. Mentoring is coaching and sponsoring is more engagement and seeing a path for that mentee.
• Has 3 mentors for 3 different purposes.
• The value of asking for help and leaning into the discomfort of not knowing.
• Breaking the barrier between the engineering and production departments.
• Recommends Brené Brown’s “Daring to Lead”

Enjoy this quick 5-minute video to hear this one-on-one.