Where Customer Service and Technology Meet

For over 40 years, Accede Mold & Tool has represented quality workmanship and best-in-class customer service as a mold builderfor the plastic injection molding industry. ACCEDE prides itself on our long-standing positive customer relationships. We can better understand their requirements and challenges and, ultimately, provide the necessary solution. Recently, a customer chose ACCEDE to collaborate with their end customer on a challenging project where quality and success were the only options.

The medical industry continues to evolve every year with technology and innovation. Medical device components are benefiting from this progress. ACCEDE contributed to perfecting the build and processing of parts for a highly delicate medical device. The project consisted of intensive microscopic work, measurement, and data analysis to determine what molding process changes would be required to affect the parts. ACCEDE’s customer provided our Quality and Inspection Department with a Keyence VK-X3000 3D Surface Profiler to gather conclusive results.

ACCEDE persevered through three ‘Staging Fixtures’ – diligently inspecting and analyzing data from the component’s thread-drive, external smoothness, and adhesion capability. Keith Kane, ACCEDE’s Quality Manager, notes, “The challenge: there wasn’t a set numerical value to obtain for each stage. Our goal for the customer was to determine acceptable limits and thresholds for optimum function. We are happy that we could provide the data that will allow them success.”

One of the assets that set ACCEDE apart is our customer service and diligence for their success. ACCEDE’s motto is “The mold is greater than the sum of its parts” and goes beyond mold building excellence with best-in-class mold design engineering, inspection, and mold sampling lab services. From the med tech end customer, “I wanted to say thank you for the hospitality. I felt working together on the intricacies of the Keyence was very effective for success.”