Corey Fox named as Accede Moldmaking Manager

February 23, 2020

ACCEDE has named Corey Fox as Moldmaking Manager. Corey is responsible for the quality of all injection molds manufactured by the privately-held moldmaker based in Rochester, N.Y. Established in 1981, ACCEDE specializes in innovative production molds and turn-key systems for the medical and consumer packaging industries. While having grown-up in the business as grandson of ACCEDE’s founder, Alton Fox, Corey officially began his apprenticeship in 2008. Corey has demonstrated leadership and mold building excellence through his hands-on experience building high-cavitation, stack, and two-shot molds including rotating cube platforms. Corey explains, “In my new role I am assisting all of the current mold makers in keeping organized and keeping the flow of work through the building streamlined. Every decision we make has to be what is best for the mold. My main focus will be just that. The Mold should always come first. Quality and efficiency will always be our objectives. Getting the customers the best product we can produce and in a timely manner is always what is best for everyone involved. Continuous improvement and customer satisfaction are on the top of my list.”